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19.11.2018 | Olympiakomitea

30 Game-Changers selected for the New Leaders Programme

More than 50 highly qualified and motivated sports professionals applied to the New Leaders Sport Leadership Education Programme. All corners of Europe were represented with applications from 28 countries.

All together 30 game-changers from 26 countries are now selected and the names were announced today in the European Olympic Committees General Assembly in Marbella. The EOC Gender Equality Commission accepted the participants.

Motivation to enhance personal leadership skills and enthusiasm to have a wider impact to sport movement were in the heart of the applications. The call to implement the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into action was warmly welcomed and the participants are eager to start the work in their own organisations.

Mentoring Champions sharing their wisdom

One of the goals in the New Leaders programme is that no new leader is left without a support from an experienced mentor.

Ms Daina Gudzinevičiūtė, newly awarded IOC Women and Sport World Trophy winner, IOC Member, NOC President and EOC Executive board member expressed her passion to become a mentor.

– I am sure that the New Leaders Programme will help the participants to acquire knowledge, develop skills and enhance self-confidence. I am very happy to join this project and as a mentor I will support participants and share my experience.

New Leaders is a legacy project of Ms Birgitta Kervinen, 2017 IOC Women and Sport World Trophy Winner. The educational programme is a joint effort coordinated by the NOC of Finland together with the IOC, EOC, NOC of Lithuania, NOC of Ireland and NOC of Azerbaijan.

The program encourages people to dream, speak up and act as game-changers shaping the future of sport. Topics of strategic leadership, communications, public speaking, lobbying and conflict management will be viewed through the lenses of equality, sustainability, human rights and ethics. Participants will design concrete action plans on a personal and organisational level implementing the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into action.

Selected game-changers

Zoran Bartek                             Czech Republic

Pedro Dias                                  Portugal

Galia Dvorak                              Spain

Daniele Facchinetti                 Italy

Anett Fodor                                Hungary

Petra Gantnerova                     Slovakia

Iva Glibo                                       Croatia

Yarden Har Lev                           Israel

Vegard Henriksen                     Norway

Natalia Ivanyuk                          Russia

Pierre Kass                                  Luxembourg

Mikkel Kidmose Risager         Denmark

Ivan Kljakovic Gaspic               Croatia

Anunciata Liechtenstein         Liechtenstein

Maris Lindmäe                            Estonia

Katri Mattsson                            Finland

Conor Meany                                Ireland

Silvija Mitevska                           Macedonia

Grainne Murphy                           Ireland

Dmytro Mytsak                            Ukraine

Floriane Poncet                           France

Ivana Pranjić                                 Austria

Aino-Kaisa Saarinen                  Finland

Narmin Shakhaliyeva                Azerbaijan

Marianna Sikorowska               United Kingdom

Vilius Srėbalius                            Lithuania

Laura Maria Tiidla                       Estonia

Marieke van der Plas                 Netherlands

Stephanie Wheeler                     Cyprus

Laurynas Zibolis                          Lithuania


For more information please contact the NOC of Finland New Leaders Team:

Niina Toroi, +358 40 672 2220, niina.toroi@olympiakomitea.fi


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