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15.04.2019 | Olympiakomitea

New Leaders Workshop 2: The Foundation for a Successful Sport Leadership is to Understand Other People

 The New Leaders workshop 2 concluded successfully last week in Dublin, Ireland. The focus was in understanding how others construct the decisions and behave.

Every sport leader must go through these questions occasionally: How do I know what is the right thing to say or the best thing to do, if I want to convince someone? How do I know how to behave if I want to change something? How can I motivate everyone, when everyone gets motivated in different ways? As a leader, how can I assist people around me to reach their best?

The New Leaders workshop 2 in Ireland gave answers to these questions. New Leaders participants, the game-changers, learned about human behaviour, feedback and how to handle conflicts. Furthermore, they broke the code of “reading” other people’s minds. The game-changers explored what are the four main categories of how humans behave, once you know the groups and “human stereotypes” you have even stronger power to influence, convince, understand or persuade others. In addition, they also learned how others see you behave. Leadership is much about the power of being an example. What you say and do matters. You have the power to change patterns – if you want.

– There is no one or right type of leadership. Everyone has strengths and weakness; you just need to understand yours. In addition, you also need to understand where some else is coming from to be able to influence them, said Ms Sarah Keane, EOC Gender Equality Commission Chair and the Irish Olympic Committee President. She also continued, that it is the benefit for the sport movement to have different types and diverse leaders, including more female leaders.

Game-Changers met the EOC Gender Equality Commission

At the same time than the New Leaders workshop took place, the EOC Gender Equality Commission had their meeting in Dublin to tackle the questions related to gender equality in Europe. Ms Nancy Lee from the International Olympic Committee presented the IOC Gender Equality Review Project to the Commission and updated the current situation. In addition, together with Ms Sarah Keane, they had the opportunity to have questions and answers session with the game-changers to go over action plans to implement the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into action.

Now, the two New Leaders workshops have shown that these game-changers have passion towards sport and that passion is their power. They care, work and connect in order to develop more equal and responsible field of sport. However, their passion is not enough. One can lead, but with a team you can win – and set standards for a new normal.

Therefore, the game-changers need support from the sporting community. They need the more experienced, connected and powerful sport leaders to hear and share their goals. They need current leaders connect them with right people. They need the leaders of sport to be with them in Finland for the New Leaders Forum to share their action plans with the rest of the Europe. They need you to share their messages and start to act.



New Leaders is a legacy project of Ms Birgitta Kervinen, 2017 IOC Women and Sport World Trophy Winner. New Leaders Programme and its forum are joint efforts of IOC and EOC, run by the Finnish Olympic Committee. NOC’s of Lithuania, Ireland and Azerbaijan are the host countries for the workshops. New Leaders Sport Leadership Programme, its three workshops and a closing forum educate 30 participants to become game-changers in the period of one year. Concrete action plans will be designed on a personal and organisational level, implementing the IOC Gender Equality Recommendations into action and creating a culture of change in Europe.

You can follow the game-changers journey on Instagram @newleaderseurope. More information about the New Leaders Programme and Forum is available at www.newleaders.fi

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For more information please contact the NOC of Finland New Leaders Team:

Niina Toroi, +358 40 672 2220, niina.toroi@olympiakomitea.fi