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Tähtiseurat – quality programme for sports clubs

Finnish sports shines in the company of other stars

Club activities are a key strength of Finnish sports. We are actively developing the activities with the Tähtiseura programme, which is a quality programme of the Finnish Olympic Committee, national sports federations and regional organisations.

A Star Label is a quality promise for the club’s current and new members and their immediate circle. A club which has been granted a Star Label acts in a humane, modern and agile manner. In Tähtiseura, everyone can practice sports and exercise on their own level and towards their goals with the help of ever-increasing support. The increasing support also makes it possible to keep up with sports in various phases of life or to become a top athlete.

Star Label

The Finnish Olympic Committee and national sports federation grant Star Labels to sports clubs whose activities fulfil the defined quality criteria in the club’s selected subarea. There are three subareas, i.e. target groups: children and youth (green Star Label), adults (red Star Label) and elite sports (blue Star Label). A sports club that fulfils criteria for all three subareas is granted a tricolour Star Label. A Tähtiseura club can have a Star Label for more than one subarea.

Together, the clubs with Star Labels form a constellation that shines brighter than any individual star.

Tähtiseura online service

The Tähtiseura online service is open to all sports clubs. Sports clubs can develop their operations and pursue a Star Label with the help of the service. Sports clubs can use the free service to develop their operations independently and interactively with the national sports federation’s or regional organisation’s sports club developer. The service is also used to audit the Star Label. The online service is part of the Suomisport service. You can access the Suomisport service here >

The programme’s tools and materials

The following materials and tools are currently available in English:

Feedback surveys for clubs

Clubs have the possibility to order easy-to-use digital feedback surveys.  The surveys are free-of-charge and can be taken in Finnish, Swedish or English.

The surveys are implemented according to the below templates, which are available for various target groups. The orderer of the survey can monitor the development of the results and save the responses conveniently as Excel, Word and PowerPoint reports.

We recommend implementing the surveys regularly (e.g. once per season). They surveys cannot be tailored to an individual club.

Survey templates

Order surveys and read more here >

Survey orders are processed once a week on Wednesdays (before noon) which is when the orderer gets a link via email.

Finnish sports shines in the company of other stars.

There are over 600 Tähtiseura clubs in 48 sports

• Children and youth: 607 clubs — 46 sports
• Adults: 170 clubs — 33 sports
• Elite sports: 29 clubs — 7 sports

More than 90%

of the clubs consider the Tähtiseura process as a useful tool in the development of clubs.