Statement from the Nordic sport organisations on the Russian aggression in Ukraine

The Nordic Olympic Committees and confederations of sports met online on February 3, 2023. The Nordic Paralympic Committees met online the same day. The Nordic Sport organisations are reiterating their position on the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Statement from the Nordic Olympic Committees, Paralympic Committees, and Sports Confederations on the Russian aggression in Ukraine

  1. The situation with the war in Ukraine has not changed.
  2. Therefore, we stand firm in our position, not to open for Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials in international sports participation.
  3. Now is not the right time to consider their return; that is our position.
  4. We, the Nordic Olympic and Paralympic Committees and Confederations of sports, take this opportunity to reaffirm our steadfast support once again with the Ukrainian people and the demand for peace.
  5. The Nordic Olympic and Paralympic Committees and Confederations of sports will work together and in close dialogue with relevant stakeholders to evaluate and continuously monitor the situation closely.

This statement has been approved by the Presidents of the following organisations:

Danish Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, Hans Natorp
Danish Paralympic Committee, John Petersson 

Finnish Olympic Committee, Jan Vapaavuori
Finnish Paralympic Committee, Sari Rautio
The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland, Lárus Blöndal
The National Paralympic Committee of Iceland, Thordur Arni Hjaltested

Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, Berit Kjøll

Swedish Olympic Committee, Acting President Anders Larsson
Swedish Confederation of Sports, Björn Eriksson
Swedish Paralympic Committee, Åsa Llinares Norlin

The Sports Confederation of Greenland, Nuka Kleemann

Faroe Islands
Faroese Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee, Elin Heðinsdóttir Joensen
Faroe Islands Paralympic Committee, Petur Elias Petersen 

Åland Islands Sports Federation, Anders Ingves