Our services for member organisations

We offer a variety of services to our member organizations. Our goal is to support the smooth operation of sports organizations, freeing up resources from administrative routines to focus on promoting physical activity and sports, and for sports federations, to develop and support their respective clubs. 

We provide services on a self-sustaining basis without seeking financial profit. The development of our services is based on continuous needs assessment and active pursuit of shared solutions for the sports community. 

One third of Finns participate in sports club activities

One third of Finns are involved in sports club activities – through hobbies, competing, volunteering, or participating in other ways. A total of 1.8 million people participate in club activities in various roles. It is Finland’s largest popular movement, and its impact on individuals and society as a whole is undeniable. 

International advocacy is teamwork

As a small country, we cannot act effectively alone. Therefore, we aim to operate as a united front nationally with our members and with countries or organizations that share our values. We encourage the sports community to engage in international exchange of knowledge. 

Responsibility in sports

We serve our member organizations in various ways regarding responsibility issues. Everything is based on a jointly developed responsibility program, which provides a common foundation for responsibility efforts. 

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