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    Olympic-level partnership

    At the Olympic Committee, we believe that movement can change the world. Sport and physical activity have the power to unite people, create role models, and help us feel better.

    We invite businesses to join us in strengthening Finland’s vitality and sense of community through sports and physical activity. We offer companies Olympic-level sponsorship partnerships: responsible influence, top-tier sports marketing, and an amazing and innovative network of partners.

    Welcome to join us in making impactful sports marketing and societal good.

    Donation as part of corporate responsibility

    The Olympic Committee offers companies an opportunity to demonstrate social responsibility even without the benefits of sponsorship. Responsibility can be demonstrated, for example, by making a donation to the Olympic Fund.

    Established in 2018, the Olympic Fund aims to gather private funding similar to the Cultural Fund, the proceeds of which support children’s physical activity and young athletes’ competitive sports.

    The fund has already accumulated over 1.2 million euros. When the fund reaches 2 million, government matching doubles the amount to 4 million. Government matching doubles each private funding round of 2 million euros up to 20 million.

    The overall goal is a 40-million-euro fund, the returns of which will be distributed as scholarships for children’s physical activity and young athletes’ competitive sports.

    Join us in building a functional Finland

    Inactivity and excessive sedentary behavior threaten Finland’s functional capacity now and in the future. If the current trend continues, inactivity will undermine the abilities of Finns. It is time to restore movement and functional capacity as strengths of Finland.

    Improving functional capacity starts with both big and small actions – commitments to changing the everyday environment to be more active. A functional Finland is created together, and it requires everyone’s participation.

    Welcome to become a partner of the Functional Finland concept and make your own commitment to Finland.

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