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Coaching towards elite sports success

During middle school years, the coach assists enthusiastic young individuals in becoming healthy athletes and preparing for more demanding training in the future. In coaching, the young athlete experiences community, joy, participation, and feelings of success. Sports deepen the young person’s understanding of their own skills and training at both a general and specific level. Coaching also encourages self-directed training and emphasizes a holistic approach as well as individual development.

In secondary education, coaching focuses on a goal-oriented process where training is demanding, and regulating the load is crucial for development. Sports and studies are coordinated in collaboration with the athlete, coach, and school. Athletes’ self-direction and responsibility for their own development increase. The coaching process supports the athlete’s development according to the requirements of the sport and progresses progressively during secondary education, tracking development in terms of the sport and various attributes. Experts support the coaching process by helping the coach and athlete to develop.

In the elite stage, the coaching environment creates conditions for success and peak performance. Coaching supports motivation, will, and passion to develop and succeed. Performance optimization occurs through a systematic coaching process, utilizing support from experts in various fields.

The coach matters

Have you ever considered coaching in sports more broadly? What values does coaching rely on? What constitutes good coaching? Explore the “The Coach Matters” material and entries on good coaching and ethical guidelines related to coaching. 

Responsible coaching online course

In the Responsible coach online course, you will familiarize yourself with responsible and good coaching practices, and learn how to promote a physically, mentally, and socially safe environment. By completing the course, you demonstrate your commitment to responsible coaching.

Feasibility assessment

A feasibility assessment is a “field test” in coaching that provides information on an athlete’s athleticism and trainability. Explore and see how the test is conducted.

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