What is the Finnish Olympic Committee?

Matilda Castren kuvattuna takaapäin. Hän on juuri lyönyt ja taustalla näkyy isot olympiarenkaat

We are a national organization for sport and physical activity, and a registered association. We promote movement and a physically active lifestyle among Finns and build the preconditions for high-quality and renewable club and organizational activities and generate success in elite sports.​

Together with our member organizations and partners we build vitality for Finland through physical activity and sports. 

It starts with a movement

We are the torchbearers of movement, the activists even. We are in a unique position; no one else can assume this role.​  

Olympic Committee in a nutshell 

Like all organizations and associations, our organization is formed by our members. We have 89 full members, 30 associate members, and four individual members. Our activities are guided by the board, whose term lasts for an Olympiad, i.e., four years.  

Decision-making authority is exercised in the organization’s meetings, which are held as follows: the spring meeting in May-June and the autumn meeting in November-December. 

€10Mannual budget

Our activities are funded by government grants and our own financing. 

This is what we aim for

An internationally successful sporting nation with more people exercising more

Our most important task

Our mission is: Vitality for Finland through physical activity and sports

Our values guide our work

  • Together 
  • With joy
  • With respect 
  • Responsibly 
  • Magnificently  

Our strategy guides our actions 

Our strategy reflects the aspirations of the sports and physical activity community and considers the forces of change in the operating environment. It provides the foundation for the activities of the Olympic Committee and gives guidelines for the individual and collective actions of various stakeholders in the sports and physical activity community.