Sustainability work enables the successful implementation of our strategy. It is crucial that we ensure sustainability in all our operations. We aim to be a pioneer in sustainability. We have been working to integrate sustainability into our everyday activities. It is important to us that it is seamlessly integrated into both club activities and elite sports – and promoting an active lifestyle is already an act of sustainability in itself. 

Olympic Committee’s Sustainability Guidelines 

The Olympic Committee’s sustainability program serves as a framework and foundation for sustainability work. The program is based on the sports community’s shared sustainability program, the ethical principles of Fair Play, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Detailed concrete measures are documented according to themes in their respective programs.

Explore our sustainability initiatives in more detail

  • In promoting physical activity and active lifestyles, we reinforce active and sustainable modes of transportation. 
  • We implement the international sports climate commitment (Sports for Climate Action Framework). 
  • We support the sports community in environmental responsibility. 
  • We promote physical activity, well-being, and functional capacity for the entire population. 
  • Through the Tähtiseura quality program, we enhance the responsibility of club activities. 
  • We develop comprehensive coaching and training, supporting athletes in achieving their potential. 
  • We implement and develop dual career programs for athletes. 
  • We promote equality, equity, and a safe operating environment. 
  • Our starting point is the protection of human rights.
  • We implement good governance and support the sports community in governance matters. 
  • We promote responsible leadership. 
  • We support the responsibility skills of staff and the board. 
  • We collect and utilize data responsibly. 
  • We conduct anti-doping work and combat competition manipulation. 

Aiming to Strengthen Responsible Practices in the Sports Community 

We support responsible practices in sports through various means, including: 

  • Responsibility clinics and online training 
  • Guides and materials 
  • Tähtiseura quality program for clubs 
  • Responsibility coaching and counseling 
  • Maintaining networks 
  • Responsibility surveys 
  • Communication 
  • Support for international influence 

Whistleblowing Channel 

We are committed to acting responsibly. Everyone has the right and obligation to report any suspicion of misconduct or unethical behavior. 

In the Olympic Committee’s Whistleblowing Reporting Channel, you can report any suspected misconduct or unethical behavior within the Olympic Committee.