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The sports and physical activity community has compiled information packages for policymakers to aid and inspire the promotion of physical activity, exercise, and sports. These packages contain useful briefings that allow for a quick understanding of sports and exercise issues. Currently these are available only in Finnish.

At the Olympic Committee, we are happy to provide tips for promoting physical activity, exercise, and sports, and we hope for close cooperation with policymakers. The expertise of sports organizations is available to policymakers, so you can always turn to us.

Strong advocacy work

We advocate for the strengthening of conditions for physical activity, sports, and exercise, alongside the entire sports and physical activity community and our other partners.

Our specialists for public affairs at your disposal

The impact of Russia’s invasion war on sports

The Olympic Committee provides advice to sports federations and athletes to support decision-making regarding all issues related to Russia’s invasion and other international matters.

Follow our continuously updated situation report. Currently available only in Finnish.

In international matters, please contact