Our services for Sports Academies and Training Centres

We assist sports academies in their work and support and coach them in their development efforts. We help sports academies fulfill their mission, which is to ensure that athletes have a daily training and operational environment that is internationally competitive. Talented young individuals can achieve their full potential in sports. There are more internationally successful athletes and teams. We operate ethically and sustainably. Education and preparation for civilian careers are managed responsibly and systematically.

A common guideline directs operations

The high-quality activities of sports academies and training centers are guided by a common set of guidelines and criteria to ensure consistency in practices. The goal is to facilitate the development of athletes and coaches, enhance sporting success, and enable athletes to pursue a planned dual career. The purpose of the guidelines is also to encourage sports to join sports academies and training centres and aim for an internationally sustainable elite sports network.

Grants for sports academies and training centres

You can find more information about the grants awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture to sports academies and training centres here.

Material Bank

From the material bank, you can access the guidelines that govern the activities of sports academies and training centres, the selections made by the operating environments regarding focus sports, and the notifications from sports disciplines about the centers they have chosen.

The joint workspace for Sports Academies and Training Centers

The joint workspace for Sports Academies and Training Centres contains materials for various meetings and Teams conferences. If you don’t have access yet, please contact Juuso Valkama: juuso.valkama@olympiakomitea.fi

Training book series

The Olympic Committee’s exercise book series provides guidance for athletes over a period of about 6-7 years. In addition to the series aimed at athletes, including “Grow as an Athlete” and “Develop into a Top Athlete,” the “Raise an Athlete – Parents Supporting Young Athletes” material provides tools and support for parents as well.

Download the parent’s guide from the materials bank.

The “Grow as an Athlete” series supports the growth of young enthusiasts in sports into healthy athletes and builds readiness for more demanding training in the future. The series deepens students’ understanding of their own skills, ways to practice skills and attributes, and encourages self-directed training. The exercise books are intended for upper secondary school-aged youth and are available through the collaboration schools of sports academies. Collaboration schools can inquire about the books at harjoituskirjat@olympiakomitea.fi.

“Develop into a Top Athlete” is intended for secondary-level athletes aiming for the top. The book is a continuation of the three-part “Grow as an Athlete” exercise book series. The exercise book is available through the sports academy network and sports schools.