The Finnish Olympic Committee’s website renewed – Focus on a better user experience

The Finnish Olympic Committee’s website has been renewed. This renewal has strongly focused on the different user groups of the website and their needs. Additionally, the overall appearance of the site has been refreshed and modernized.

The Finnish Olympic Committee’s communications specialist, Piia Bergström, describes the change as a new start. The website aims to better serve the stakeholders of the Olympic Committee in the future.

– Our previous website was very organization-centric. Now, we have built the site by listening to the needs of our users. We want the website visitors to find what they are looking for as effortlessly as possible, Bergström explains.

The renewal has been supported by stakeholder surveys and other research data. The results have shown that users have experienced deficiencies in finding information.

– Now, information relevant to each target group is gathered in one place. Additionally, any supplementary materials and background articles are available on the same page. All possible “dead ends” have been removed, making navigation easier for our website visitors.

– On the new site, accessibility is better than before, and the site will also be available in concise language versions in Swedish and English, Bergström adds.

The new website showcases the breadth of the Olympic Committee’s activities and athletes prominently

The Finnish Olympic Committee’s new website also brings both athletes and sports clubs into the spotlight in a completely new way. On the website, visitors can learn about Finnish Olympic athletes as well as sports clubs that have been granted a Star Label from the Tähtiseurat quality programme.

– On the new site, for example, you can get to know Olympic athletes and their achievements. At the same time, Tähtiseura clubs will have their own space. Our website will feature a short introduction and general information about each Tähtiseura club. Through this, we aim to enhance the appreciation of Finnish sports and exercise, Bergström explains.

At the same time, the website integrates the various services and contents of the Olympic Committee.

– The website now more clearly directs users to the page for Finland – An active nation and people concept, as well as to Suomisport. This way, we strengthen the interplay between all our sites and bring visibility to all our activities.

Timo Salminen, Client Director at the digital agency Karhu Helsinki, describes how the interplay between websites also makes it easier for the user. The Olympic Committee’s website acts as a home base from which it is easy to navigate to other sites.

– Additionally, the user experience has been improved through site personalization and an enhanced search function. On the new site, users can personalize current content according to their interests and needs. The search function has also been improved, allowing users to find the content they are looking for more quickly.

– To sum it up, users have been clearly at the center of every step of the renewal process. On the other hand, the new sites also offer a new opportunity to highlight current content and themes from the Olympic Committee. Since a lot of high-quality content is produced, it is important that these can be showcased impressively and diversely, Salminen concludes.