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20.09.2022 | Olympiakomitea | Uutinen

Parliamentary election goals of the sports community have been published

The Finnish Olympic Committee has published its parliamentary election goals for advancing physical activity and sport. The sports community challenges parties and candidates to make physical activity and sport a key objective in the next government programme.

– In the next government programme, we need strong statements about the promotion of movement, physical activity and sport. It’s time to invest in physical activity and sport and thus create vitality in the entire country. Finland can’t afford to forget physical activity and sport, because investing in them will benefit the whole society many times over, says Jan Vapaavuori, President of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

The positive effects of physical activity and sport on society are worth billions, so there are strong grounds for an even more ambitious sport policy.

– Strengthening the position of physical activity and sport in society would benefit Finland significantly. In the forming of the next government, it should be remembered that investing in physical activity and sport is one of the best ways to invest in the future. Physical activity and sport should not be forgotten in the election debates, Vapaavuori emphasises.

During the summer and spring, many actors have participated in the preparation of the goals, including the Finnish Olympic Committee’s member organisations, members of the Liikkujan Polku network and Athlete Committee, as well as sports academies and regional sport organisations.

Parliamentary election goals for physical activity and sport:

PREREQUISITES FOR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND SPORT | Strengthening funding and structures
The funding of physical activity and sport must be strengthened to ensure long-term promotion of physical activity. More diverse state financing options for the financing of physical activity are needed.

ACTIVITY IN DAILY LIFE | Developing the On the Move programmes and the conditions for daily physical activity
The national physical promotion programmes for physical activity for different age and demographic groups should be developed further: the programmes must be developed based on impact assessments. The coverage of actions in life stage transitions should be strengthened. Conditions for daily physical activity (i.e. walking, cycling and hiking) must be ensured.

MEANINGFUL PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES FOR ALL CHILDREN | Developing the Finnish model for sport activities for children and youth
More physically active school days and after-school activities. We should ensure that children and young people have the opportunity to engage in physical activity at their own level. Building on the successful experiences, pathways should be built to long-term physical activities, sports clubs and lower secondary sport schools.

SPORTS CLUBS AS COMMUNITIES | Supporting civic involvement in sport
By strengthening the ability of sports clubs to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, we can also help people return to their sports activities. This will support the long-term work of sports clubs. The amount of funding for sports clubs and associations should be kept, at least, at the same level as before and funding should be granted for several years at a time.

SUCCESS AND EXPERIENCES | Promotion of elite sport
We should promote the professionalism and capacity of elite sport by supporting athletes, coaches and sports academies as well as by developing the competence of athletes and coaches and improving the socio-economic status of athletes. The position of lower secondary and upper secondary sport schools as well as elite athlete friendly higher education institutions should be strengthened.


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Parliamentary election goals for physical activity and sport (PDF)

More information:

Taina Susiluoto, CEO, Finnish Olympic Committee, taina.susiluoto@olympiakomitea.fi
Toni Ahva, Head of Public Affairs, Finnish Olympic Committee, toni.ahva@olympiakomitea.fi